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Abysmal traffic situation

Feb 20,2014 - Last updated at Feb 20,2014

Regarding the traffic situation in Amman, as mentioned in the article “Peak hours see 1.8 million vehicles in Amman — mayor” (The Jordan Times, February 19, 2014), Mayor Aqel Biltaji is quite correct in saying that there is lack of a proper transport system.

For example, some of the mini-buses on the Wadi Seer route turn around in Bayader and the drivers tell the passengers to get off and take the following bus.

Recently, I had to wait to do so, as the next two did the same, and I got on the third bus in order to continue my journey.

Other drivers go on down the hill, but turn round before they reach the one-way road, in the middle of the street, causing congestion. Passengers have to walk the rest of the way to the terminal.

The drivers do this because there are always traffic jams where service cars wait. When police officers were put there some time ago, they were attacked by the locals.

The big city buses often wait for half an hour or more until they are full before leaving Bayader, meaning that passengers further along the route to town have to stand a long time in whatever the weather. There are few shelters en route. 

All this does not encourage car drivers to take the buses.

Street parking can be controlled by having parking meters from which drivers take a ticket with the time on it. If they stay longer than the time allowed, they have to pay a fine, as happens in England.

Another idea would be to stop errant parking. Drivers would come back to find a big heavy yellow clamp on the back wheel; the car would then be taken away by police and a big fine would have to be paid before the vehicle could be released.

At present all fines are far too insignificant.

In addition, endorsement of licences would curb violations.

A further word: beware of the boy roller-skaters. They are out in full force in some areas, hanging onto the backs of cars for joyrides.

Chris Larter,

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