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Pierre Krähenbühl
By Pierre Krähenbühl - May 19,2017
Hidden almost literally under the rubble of war in Syria is an economic success story that is rarely told.Hanan Odah is a 30-year-old Palestinian refugee living in Jaramana refugee camp in Damascus.She supports her family of three, displaced several times, from a thriving micro-e
By Pierre Krähenbühl - May 23,2016
From the battlegrounds of the Middle East come exemplary stories of courage and resolve that we must all listen to and learn from.Batoul, a 14-year-old Palestine refugee, has known conflict and war for much of her life.During her flight from Syria, her father and brother were kil
By Pierre Krähenbühl - Feb 03,2016
The international conference on Syria today in London is an opportune moment to remember that all wars, in particular this most catastrophic conflagration, are measured by their human cost.Aya Kassem is a 7-year-old Palestinian refugee from Damascus.


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