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Michael Spence
By Michael Spence - Aug 27,2014
Summer is normally a time to take a break from the risks and worries of everyday life, and perhaps to take stock of where we are and where we are heading.
By Michael Spence - Jul 09,2014
Despite China’s widely discussed economic slowdown, annual GDP growth remains above 7 per cent, implying little cause for alarm — at least for now. The question is whether the government’s efforts to implement structural reforms and transform the economy’
By Michael Spence - May 28,2014
Digital technologies are once again transforming global value chains and, with them, the structure of the global economy. What do businesses, citizens and policy makers need to know as they scramble to keep up? Digitally enabled supply chains initially increased efficiency and
By Michael Spence - Apr 28,2014
The Spanish economy is beginning to attract investors’ attention — and not only because asset prices are depressed in the current climate (arguably implying a good buy for longer term, value investors). While there are huge problems that must still be overcome, there
By Michael Spence - Apr 13,2014
Governments’ inability to act decisively to address their economies’ growth, employment, and distributional challenges has emerged as a major source of concern almost everywhere.



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