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Mark Leonard
By Mark Leonard - May 31,2022
BERLIN  —  “Davos Man” has had a grim 14 years. The late Harvard University political scientist Samuel P. Huntington popularised the term in 2004 to describe a new overclass of evangelists for globalisation.
By Mark Leonard - May 13,2022
Mark Leonard Say More…Project Syndicate (PS): In December, you predicted that the “defining fights of the twenty-first century will be about who has the power to make the rules.” With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this seems prescient.
By Mark Leonard - May 08,2022
BERLIN — The Ukraine crisis shows that the European Union has a problem with power. While its hard-power deficit has recently moved to the centre of attention, its philosophical and political shortcomings are an even bigger concern.
By Mark Leonard - Feb 20,2022
BERLIN  —  A twenty-first-century war in Europe is no longer unthinkable.
By Mark Leonard - Jan 02,2022
BERLIN — Will the West remain committed to the rules-based international order when it is no longer the one making the rules? That will be one of the most intriguing questions of the next two decades.
By Mark Leonard - Dec 04,2021
BERLIN — Many observers have long assumed that the future of geopolitics will be decided in a sea battle over the Taiwan Strait or some rocky outcropping or atoll in the South China Sea.
By Mark Leonard - Nov 03,2021
BERLIN — The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) now underway in Glasgow might conclude with a big international agreement.
By Mark Leonard - Sep 08,2021
BERLIN — The images of desperate Afghans scaling the perimeter fence at Kabul’s airport in an attempt to flee Taliban rule provide a heartbreaking record of our geopolitical moment.
By Mark Leonard - Feb 06,2021
BERLIN  —  The United States is suffering from a double crisis.
By Mark Leonard - Dec 24,2020
LONDON — A lot of chickens came home to roost this year.



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