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Kamel S. Abu Jaber
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - May 01,2019
It is obvious that most peoples of the world are confused regarding the place and the importance of religion in life today.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Apr 07,2019
Thank God there are still people like New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the Western world: People who adhere to the lofty principles of human rights, human dignity and equality for all.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Mar 24,2019
May God have mercy on the souls of those massacred in Christchurch, and thanks to the people of New Zealand and their courageous Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who renewed in me and the peoples of the world the hope that humanity is not dead in the West.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Feb 21,2019
I listened very intently and with great interest to a captivating lecture by Mohammad Barakah, former, five times elected, member of the Israeli Knesset, given recently before the guests and members of the Jordan Science and Culture Society.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Oct 01,2018
No one knows what US President Donald Trump wants. He is strongly influenced by his son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Aug 13,2018
The erratic and unusual behaviour of President Donald Trump, and his explosion onto the world scene brings to mind a book I wrote many years ago called Sheepland.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Jul 01,2018
From the dawn of history until the beginning of the sixteenth century, life in all societies and civilizations around the world was basically the same, following a routine pattern of existence with little change.  The rise of Western civilization, coinciding with the Protest
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Jun 11,2018
A dark cloud that keeps darkening with time seems to have descended on the Arab world since the landing of Napoleon Bonaparte in Egypt in July, 1798.
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - May 17,2018
Historic perspective indicates that the present structure and system of international relations originated in the Anglo-American Alliance quietly and tacitly formed in l891, then designed to counter and curb the ambitions of Otto Von Bismarck, then chancellor of Germany, to devel
By Kamel S. Abu Jaber - Jan 14,2018
The most important and strongest   statement  made by a Christian cleric in modern times should be credited to  H.E.



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