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Carl Bildt
By Carl Bildt - Oct 03,2015
In 2003, when the European Union drafted its first security strategy, the continent’s citizens lived in a seemingly safe world.Indeed, the document’s opening sentence confidently proclaimed that “Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free.”The EU’s foreign policy
By Carl Bildt - Jul 27,2015
Turkey is moving into unchartered political territory, following the failure of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) to retain its parliamentary majority in the country’s recent general election.The choices that Turkey makes in establishing a new government will not onl
By Carl Bildt - May 11,2015
The next 18-24 months are likely to decide the shape of Europe for decades to come, and the United Kingdom has now started the clock on that process. Re-elected with a resounding — and entirely unexpected — majority in the House of Commons, Prime Minister David Camer
By Carl Bildt - Apr 09,2015
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems close to ordering a general mobilisation of his country’s military, and Republicans in the United States are preparing for a ferocious battle with President Barack Obama’s administration, in the wake of the framework nuc
By Carl Bildt - Mar 31,2015
Slowly but surely, Iran’s talks with the international community about its nuclear programme are approaching the make-or-break point. But, more important, the outcome could mark a turning point for the wider — and increasingly volatile — Middle East. The rappr
By Carl Bildt - Dec 24,2014
A couple of years ago, a Canadian minister proudly declared that Santa Claus was a citizen of Canada.
By Carl Bildt - Dec 16,2014
After decades of adherence to more or less stable rules and predictable patterns, Swedish politics has entered uncharted territory in recent weeks. Many are shocked that the government collapsed and had to call a new election only two months after taking office.



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