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Kurdish corridor

Oct 08,2016 - Last updated at Oct 08,2016

The imminent fall of Aleppo to Russian and Syrian army troops will not put an end to a civil war that has so far cost the lives of over 400,000 civilians and displaced 8 million people, according to UN figures. 

The 900 Al Nusra Front fighters might agree to be escorted to Deir Ezzour where their main stronghold is heavily fortified. 

But their leader, Abu Mohammed Al Julani, does not trust the assurances of UN envoy Staffan de Mistura, and he trusts any assurances by the Alawite regime or the Russian generals even less. 

It is highly improbable that he would allow his hardcore fighters to be paraded in front of the enemy’s gun sights. 

Not far from Deir Ezzour stronghold, there is Al Bab, another equally fortified bastion that belongs to Daesh. 

With its 80,000 population of mainly Sunni Arabs, and with the recruitment techniques of mosque indoctrination, thousands of Al Bab teenagers have shown up in Mosul and Raqqa, defending Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi’s new “caliphate”.

One of the main players in the Aleppo scenario is the Kurdish forces within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a militia trained by the Unites States. 

It has fought more than one battle against Daesh and won. The troops also have state of the art weapons provided by the Pentagon’s arsenal. 

Their ideological objective is to create a Kurdish corridor from Kobane to Manbij to Azaz to Afrin in order to guarantee the creation of Rojava — a Kurdish statelet — that would enjoy a federal relationship with its neighbours, and guarantee self-rule for the nearly 2 million Kurds in the area. 

With that goal in mind, the Kurdish fighters within the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), which dominates the SDF, have on October 3 taken Arima, a Daesh stronghold on the road from Manbij only 20km east of Al Bab, while other SDF units have advanced to 20km west of the city.

A year ago, a Kurdish delegation that was in Washington and was headed by the PYD managed to win a promise of recognition for Rojava, when the Syrian civil war comes to an end.

What is going on in Aleppo is just a part of the pre-planned grand design to create a Kurdish Rojava as a federal autonomous entity.


Kurdish enclaves will be adjacent and parallel to Sunni enclaves and Alawite enclaves, in what could be called the “Federal Republic of Greater Syria”.

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Strongly support the views of the author. In the sense of good outcome. Dear god, I do hope he is having in depth info sources.

President of Syria has said he intends to take back every inch of Syrian territory from
terrorists including the Kurdish terrorists supported by Pentagon. Russia will not recognize
Kurdish autonomy in Syria and Iraq. Musa Keilani looks Kurdish and therefor irrelevant.

This article contains several disturbing faults.

The SDF does not have state of the art arms. They have, but not always, US airsupport, small arms, some middle heavy but almost obsolete captured arms and, compared to the rebels, superior organisation and fighting spirit.

Al Nusra has no forces in DeirezZor, that is partly SAA in the city and IS in the countryside.

Kurds are some three million and together with arabs and syriacs, there are close to 4.5 to 5 million people in Northern Syria, Rojava and with some 40.000 kms2 it is bigger than Qatar, Kuwayt and Lebanon combined.

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