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Enough is enough!

Jun 27,2018 - Last updated at Jun 27,2018

His Majesty King Abdullah confirmed during his talks in Washington with US Congressional leaders that Jordan is no longer able to receive any more Syrian refugees, period.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz also said on Tuesday that the "Kingdom will not receive any new refugees from Syria under any circumstances". Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi echoed the same position by confirming that Jordanian borders will be closed to Syrian refugees fleeing the Syrian army offensive in the southern region of Syria.

UN sources say that about 45,000 Syrians have already fled the battle scene in and around the Syrian city of Daraa, and are heading towards the Jordanian border.

No one can blame Jordan for closing its borders to refugees after having welcomed and hosted hundreds of thousands of them over the past years, but was and left with little or no help and support from the international community.

As the saying goes, "once bitten, twice shy", is what now determines Jordan's policy towards any new wave of refugees. It is also the responsibility of Russia and the US, which brokered and signed an agreement of de-escalation in the south of Syria last year, to bear the cost of their failure to live up to their solemn commitment to keep the south of Syrian free of wars.

It is after all the credibility of these nations that is at stake after having committed themselves to protecting the Syrian people in the south of the country from wars and expediently ran away from this obligation. If Moscow and Washington have changed course and developed a new policy directives for southern Syrian, they must come out in the open and explain this new policy change.

Meanwhile, neither Washington nor Moscow can expect Jordan to foot the bill of their shameful changed policy. This also goes for the rest of the international community. Enough is enough!

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