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Adding momentum to Palestinian cause

Mar 29,2022 - Last updated at Mar 29,2022

His Majesty King Abdullah’s meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on Monday once again demonstrated that amid ever changing global shifts, the Palestinian cause remains deeply ingrained as the Kingdom’s top priority.

The King emphasised that Jordan has and continues to support the Palestinian people, adding that “we are closest to each other and we are in the same boat”.

Jordan’s unwavering position concerning the Palestinian cause, under the leadership of King Abdullah, bears witness to its relentless efforts in national and international arenas, championing the two-state solution and Palestinians’ inalienable right to statehood. 

The King also noted that Jordan, under the Hashemite Custodianship, will continue all efforts to preserve the historic and legal status quo of Jerusalem, safeguarding its Islamic and Christian holy sites.

Jordan’s effective, positive, rational and balanced role remains visible as the Kingdom continues coordination with the Palestinian National Authority.

Also on Tuesday, His Majesty reaffirmed the need to respect the right of Muslims to worship at Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, during a meeting with Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz.

Jordan is adamant and spares no effort in all fields to maintain stability and push towards a political solution, where all economic solutions and initiatives should fall within the framework of a political solution that bans unilateral and provocative procedures, such as colonial expansion, victimisation of Palestinians and recurrent raids of Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif.

It is paramount for all partners and peace lovers to encourage and promote a conducive climate to implement the two-state solution and halt any procedures undermining this solution.

As an acceptable solution to the Mideast crisis remains out of reach at this time, Jordan continues its efforts at all levels to move towards the two-state solution and mobilise support for the Palestine refugees agency, UNRWA. 

In this regard, the Kingdom has garnered international efforts, in cooperation with Sweden and other partners, to gather the necessary support for UNRWA to carry out its UN-mandated role.


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