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Students at Mafraq university continue protest for better transport services

By Suzanna Goussous - May 04,2016 - Last updated at May 04,2016

AMMAN — Protesters from Al al Bayt University claimed they have received verbal threats from individuals during a protest on Tuesday, leading them to suspend their demonstration.

Since 2013, activists have been organising rallies, protests, and activities to demand “better services” and a “more organised” transportation system, a third-year student at the university said on condition of anonymity. 

“We were in a protest in front of the administration building on campus, when three men came to us and started calling us names, which led to some clashes,” he told The Jordan Times on Wednesday.

He added that the three “intruders” threatened some of the students at the protest if they continue to boycott the governorate’s buses.

“The deanship and [some] university officials did not respond to our demands and every time we organise a protest, they suggest forming a committee to find solutions to the issue,” the student said.

“We are not asking for much. Students are aware that the solution would not be implemented overnight. Over the past years, we have tried several methods to convince the administration to respond to our demands,” he added.

According to the students, around three buses are deployed from Amman after 3pm, to transport some 100 passengers, including university students.

University administration and Land Transport Regulatory Commission officials were not available to comment on the issue despite several attempts by The Jordan Times; however, the commission’s director general, Marwan Hmoud, had previously stated that there is a plan in place in cooperation with the university administration to address the issue and secure better transport services for students.

Hmoud said there is a schedule issued by the commission for buses deployed from Amman and Zarqa routes that are required to transport students from the university’s gate to the Zarqa complex.

There were around 13 buses, he added, sent from Amman to Mafraq, and there is a suggestion for the commission to slash the fares by half.


Students demand a better transportation system to the Mafraq-based university, some 80km northeast of Amman, a more controlled bus schedule, and more monitoring on the fares of each bus. 

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