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Jordan will respond firmly to security threats — King

Gov’t to stiffen terror-related penalties, gives governors free hand in dealing with suspects with criminal records

By JT - Dec 21,2016 - Last updated at Dec 21,2016

His Majesty King Abdullah chairs part of a Cabinet meeting at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management in Amman on Wednesday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday highlighted the importance of supporting security institutions, for their “huge efforts that made all Jordanians proud”.

"We will respond firmly to all those who threaten or attempt to tamper with the security of our country," His Majesty said as he headed part of a Cabinet session at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management.

 His Majesty reiterated that business should go as usual in the country, with the highest degree of momentum and vigour, according to a Royal Court statement.

King Abdullah also called for exerting all efforts necessary to serve Jordan's interests, stressing the significance of cooperation between the government and the Lower House. 

The Monarch expressed his pride in the "exceptional bravery" of the gendarmerie and public security department (PSD) personnel during the past few days, when they faced danger to protect citizens against criminals who bear ill will towards Jordan.

“We condole ourselves and the families of the martyrs from the brave gendarmerie and public security forces and innocent citizens,” he said.

His Majesty also expressed his appreciation for citizens’ awareness and the sense of responsibility they have exhibited recently, calling on citizens to show cooperation with security agencies to enable them to execute their duties without hindrances, adding: “It is the bravery of Jordanians that makes our country this special.”

King Abdullah called on public institutions to cooperate with professional media outlets and to continuously provide them with authentic information to block the way before rumourmongers.

Participants in the meeting discussed the Karak events and the ambush the Public Security Department and gendarmerie officers found themselves in on Tuesday. They also exchanged views over the necessary procedures that have to be taken next.

Prime Minister Hani Mulki said that the crisis management centre has greatly contributed to coordinating efforts of all security agencies in dealing with the Karak incident.

Mulki, who is the chairman of the centre, directed ministers of interior, health and media to be present at the centre in case of a crisis, to ensure “institutional and well-coordinated” management of the situation during such events.

He also called on all ministries and public departments to make their information banks accessible to the centre to help it take swift measures based on accurate and sufficient data.

The premier noted that the government would cooperate with the judicial authority to stiffen penalties for terrorism-related crimes, and grant governors more powers to deal with people with criminal records. 


In this regard, Mulki tasked the justice minister with following up on the process to introduce the harsher penalties.

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