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Jordan hands Sheikh Jarrah housing documents to Palestinian embassy

By JT - Apr 22,2021 - Last updated at Apr 22,2021

AMMAN — The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday expressed appreciation of Jordan’s role in following up on the forced displacement of the Palestinians of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, lauding the Kingdom’s efforts, and those of the people and the government, in this arena.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry applauded the Kingdom’s role in finding the necessary documents in this case, pointing out that the ministry has been provided with certified copies of all found documents related to leasing housing units for a number of Palestinians, including the agreement with UNRWA and lease contracts, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.  

The ministry also condemned forced transfer and dismissed illegal operations exercised by the occupation forces against the Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, holding the Israeli government accountable for the repercussions of this continuous crime, Petra said.    

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday confirmed that, over the years, a “careful and extensive” search has been carried out at Jordanian official departments for documents showing that the Jordanian Ministry of Construction and Development had previously concluded lease contracts for housing units for a number of Sheikh Jarrah's residents in 1956.

Ministry Spokesperson Daifallah Fayez stressed that the ministry stated that in 2019 and this year the Palestinian embassy in Jordan received, upon a request from the Palestinian side, certified copies of all documents that were found, including rental contracts, correspondence, records and statements as well as names of tenants.

The embassy was also handed a certified copy of the agreement between the Ministry of Construction and Development and UNRWA in 1954, he noted, adding that the search process remains ongoing for documents dating back more than 60 years.

Fayez affirmed that ensuring Jerusalemites stay in their lands and their homes as well as protecting their rights are “constants” in the Kingdom's efforts to support Palestinians, expressing Jordan’s absolute condemnation of Israel's illegal and inhumane attempts to expel Palestinians from their homes and lands, and its infringements of their rights.

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