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Art exhibition blends ancient Jordanian motifs with lush Swiss landscape

By JT - Jun 08,2023 - Last updated at Jun 08,2023

A painting by Jordanian artist Rawan Al Adwan on display at 40 Rue du Marché, le Patio in Geneva, Switzerland (Photo courtesy of Rawan Al Adwan)

AMMAN — An exhibition titled “A Dialogue among the Levant, Jordan, and Switzerland” is currently showcasing the paintings of the Swiss-based Jordanian artist Rawan Al Adwan. 

The exhibition, located at 40 Rue du Marché, le Patio in Geneva, Switzerland, features nine diverse paintings in different scales that capture the beauty of nature in a truly unique and inspiring way, said a statement from the organisers.

One of the standout works in the exhibition is a series of paintings that depict Jordanian Safaitic Rocks motifs and patterns that were engraved by the ancient Arab Bedouins juxtaposed with Swiss landscapes and natural elements. The result is a fusion of cultures that showcase the beauty of both regions.

Another notable painting titled “Harmony” is a tribute to the ancient Arabian Bedouin culture and its deep connection with the natural world. 

Rawan masterfully blends these ancient motifs with the lush Swiss atmosphere, where mountains and greenery abound. This painting is a celebration of the bond that the ancient Arabian Bedouin people formed with their surroundings and animals.

The painting “The Flamenco’s Tale” is a tribute to the traditional Spanish dance form that has captivated hearts for centuries. The artist was inspired by the flamencos that danced before them in the botanic garden of Geneva, and the painting features a blend of Safaitic Rock symbols from Jordan. Flamenco is a passionate and expressive dance that originated in the Andalusia region of Spain, which was once inhabited by the Arab Muslims for over 700 years.

“The Flamenco’s Tale” invites the audience to interpret the story in their own unique way, leaving an indelible impression on their hearts and souls. 

In “The Ethereal Tree”, Rawan takes the viewer on a journey to the Avatar world, where virtue and beauty reign supreme. The painting that inspired by the avatar depicts a majestic tree with a sturdy trunk, adorned with a plethora of colourful butterflies and vibrant leaves. The artist has used a blend of green, royal blue, yellow, pink and brown hues to create a harmonious and captivating visual experience.

“A Dialogue among the Levant, Jordan, and Switzerland” is a powerful showcase of the importance of cultural exchange and dialogue in the world. 

The exhibition will continue until June 12.


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