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Zhang Jun
By Zhang Jun - Aug 03,2021
SHANGHAI — The great powers in history have tended to have one thing in common: Size matters. While a large market does not guarantee dominance in other realms, it certainly helps, perhaps more than any other single factor.
By Zhang Jun - Mar 30,2021
SHANGHAI — Historically, demographics has been a slow-moving variable.
By Zhang Jun - Sep 08,2020
SHANGHAI — Despite taking a serious hit from COVID-19 lockdowns, China’s economy has proved resilient. It has not, however, fully bounced back: some activities, especially in the service sector, simply cannot be revived.
By Zhang Jun - Feb 11,2020
SHANGHAI — Just five days before the Chinese New Year, the authorities in Beijing finally declared the coronavirus epidemic that originated in Wuhan to be a major public health emergency.
By Zhang Jun - Oct 16,2019
SHANGHAI — Two years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that by the time the People’s Republic celebrates its centenary in 2049, it should be a “great modern socialist country” with an advanced economy.
By Zhang Jun - Dec 03,2018
SHANGHAI — In the 1940s, the British historian Arnold J. Toynbee predicted that the United States and the Soviet Union would remain the world’s only two great powers.
By Zhang Jun - Aug 30,2018
VANCOUVER — Over the past two decades, China has been achieving rapid technological progress, thanks in no small part to its massive investment in research and development, which totalled some 2.2 per cent of its GDP last year.
By Zhang Jun - Oct 14,2017
China has achieved some four decades of rapid economic growth.
By Zhang Jun - Jan 02,2017
A couple of weeks ago, an interview with the Chinese auto-glass tycoon Cao Dewang sparked a heated discussion across China.Cao explained that his recent $600 million investment to establish a US manufacturing branch for his company, Fuyao Glass Industry Group, was driven lar
By Zhang Jun - Jul 13,2015
Economists are increasingly divided over China’s economic future.Optimists emphasise its capacity for learning and rapid accumulation of human capital.



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