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Zhang Jun
By Zhang Jun - Oct 06,2022
SHANGHAI  —  Last January, China’s government forecast that the country’s economy, which, at the time, was experiencing a strong rebound after the initial pandemic slowdown, would grow by 5.5 per cent in 2022.
By Zhang Jun - Aug 04,2022
SHANGHAI  —  When high levels of capital investment spending fueled a sustained increase in Chinese inflation from 1991 to 2011, the authorities quickly brought the situation under control, and over the last decade, CPI has rarely exceeded 2 per cent, compared to 5.4 pe
By Zhang Jun - May 23,2022
SHANGHAI  —  A tough decision to lockdown Shanghai, China’s largest city, shocked the world. After six weeks, and despite a sharp decline in infections, Shanghai’s lockdown has imposed enormous costs on the city and its residents.
By Zhang Jun - Mar 16,2022
SHANGHAI  —  In terms of geopolitical impact, nothing could be more important than the United States’ shift from strategic cooperation to strategic competition with China.
By Zhang Jun - Dec 20,2021
SHANGHAI — In just four decades, China’s economy has achieved an unprecedented level of wealth and development, and, until recently, its upward trajectory of economic growth and prosperity seemed set to continue.
By Zhang Jun - Oct 05,2021
SHANGHAI — Over the last 20 years, a number of thriving technology companies have emerged in China. This has invited much speculation about the country’s scientific and technological prowess, and about its ability to innovate.
By Zhang Jun - Aug 03,2021
SHANGHAI — The great powers in history have tended to have one thing in common: Size matters. While a large market does not guarantee dominance in other realms, it certainly helps, perhaps more than any other single factor.
By Zhang Jun - Mar 30,2021
SHANGHAI — Historically, demographics has been a slow-moving variable.
By Zhang Jun - Sep 08,2020
SHANGHAI — Despite taking a serious hit from COVID-19 lockdowns, China’s economy has proved resilient. It has not, however, fully bounced back: some activities, especially in the service sector, simply cannot be revived.
By Zhang Jun - Feb 11,2020
SHANGHAI — Just five days before the Chinese New Year, the authorities in Beijing finally declared the coronavirus epidemic that originated in Wuhan to be a major public health emergency.



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