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Yusuf Mansur
By Yusuf Mansur - Oct 23,2021
In a world where the economy, skills and the future of work are changing, one of the effects of the COVID-19 has been to exacerbate unemployment while demand for labour and economic growth is rising.
By Yusuf Mansur - Oct 11,2021
It has been the practice in Jordan that presidents of Jordanian universities are selected from those in academia who possess a rank of full professor.
By Yusuf Mansur - Sep 29,2021
Last week, the Council of Ministers issued an amendment to the requirements/instructions for granting a Jordanian citizenship and residency to investors "for the purpose of creating an environment that attracts foreign investment".
By Yusuf Mansur - Sep 01,2021
The recent ruckus about the government’s intent upon allowing mining for copper in the Dana Biosphere Reserve (DBR) is well deserved and, speaking from a purely developmental perspective, should have been louder.
By Yusuf Mansur - Jul 11,2021
Many believe that the storm of criticism directed at the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) and the ASEZ Authority (ASEZA) was only recently brewed.
By Yusuf Mansur - Jul 03,2021
The Jordan Department of Statistics announced last week that the GDP (in fixed prices) grew in the first quarter of 2021 by 0.3 per cent relative to the first quarter of 2021. Albeit it is a positive rate of growth, it is meager.
By Yusuf Mansur - Jun 29,2021
It seems that private banks in Jordan prefer lending to the construction sector and non-productive activities such as individual loans, which are usually consumption oriented.
By Yusuf Mansur - Jun 20,2021
Distrust in government policies in Jordan, as in anywhere worldwide, leads to delays in the formation and implementation of proper policies, whether they are economic, social or political because the spread of mistrust creates an atmosphere of negativity and uncertainty that does
By Yusuf Mansur - Jun 12,2021
The modern state is based on increased productivity; that is, people unite together to form a state because they believe that they will be better off as a larger collection of people and institutions.
By Yusuf Mansur - May 09,2021
A few years ago, as a civil servant, I pointed out that government spending in Jordan is pro-cyclical; that is, the government spends more when the economy is doing well, and spends less when the economy is in the trough, or downward, section of the business cycle, a policy that



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