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Yazan K. Mahadin
By Yazan K. Mahadin - May 18,2024
Jordan has achieved a noteworthy milestone in its financial history with a credit rating upgrade from Moody’s, which stands as a testament to its resilience and sound economic policies.
By Yazan K. Mahadin - Dec 14,2023
In the face of the escalating crisis in Gaza, Jordan has emerged as a resolute advocate for peace, with prominent political figures delivering impactful messages aimed at addressing the core issues of the conflict and fostering international collaboration.His Majesty King Abdulla
By Yazan K. Mahadin - Sep 27,2023
The latest shift of Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh’s Cabinet has introduced new faces and fresh perspectives into the administration, reflecting Jordan's dedication to advancement and development.
By Yazan K. Mahadin - Jul 25,2023
Climate change, driven by human activities, poses a multifaceted threat to both the  environment and the stability of the global financial system.
By Yazan K. Mahadin - Mar 27,2023
The recent visit of American TV mogul Oprah Winfrey to Petra, Jordan, has created a buzz in the tourism industry.


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