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Yannos Papantoniou
By Yannos Papantoniou - Sep 12,2015
On September 20, Greek voters will go to the polls — yet again — in a snap election called by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.The early poll was no surprise: Almost a third of Tsipras’ colleagues in his leftist Syriza Party refused to endorse the bailout he had negotiated with the
By Yannos Papantoniou - Mar 28,2015
When the eurozone was established, its creators envisioned gradual progress towards an “optimal currency area”, characterised by fiscal integration, the free movement of labour and political union. But this process has not occurred, and, as the interminable Greek cri
By Yannos Papantoniou - Nov 15,2014
Following the publication of the International Monetary Fund’s latest World Economic Outlook, high-profile economists like Olivier Blanchard, Larry Summers, Mario Monti and Reza Moghadam have come out in favour of revising the eurozone’s fiscal rules to allow for publ
By Yannos Papantoniou - Apr 13,2014
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s upcoming visit to Athens will be a far less tense affair than her earlier journeys here during Europe’s long financial crisis. Of course, Greeks have little love for Merkel; but, thanks to Europe’s modest economic recovery, som


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