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Wafa Alkhadra
By Wafa Alkhadra - Nov 15,2023
In the so-called 21st century, an era presumed to be characterised by technological, communicative and human rights advancements, the persistence of acts of genocide is profoundly shocking.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Oct 31,2023
I harbour a dream that transcends borders, resonating in the hearts of children around the world. It is a dream deeply rooted in the belief that every child merits a life unburdened by the horrors of war, atrocities and destruction.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Oct 22,2023
The Baptist Hospital massacre in Gaza is an egregious war crime that demands unequivocal attention. Hospitals are sanctuaries of healing, where lives are saved and wounds are mended.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Oct 14,2023
The occupation of Palestine stands as an ethically fraught phenomenon, which poses significant challenges to both the moral fabric of the globe and the international human rights framework.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Oct 07,2023
In 2002, I coined the term 'barefoot nisswiyya' [feminists] to represent a unique form of nisswiyya that seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, intertwining the personal with the political.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Sep 16,2023
Encouraging communities to cultivate their intellectual economies within the knowledge-based economy is precisely what these communities require from higher education institutions.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Sep 03,2023
The impact of international funding is a complex and nuanced topic. Undoubtedly, international funding is not inherently negative, as it is perceived by some.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Apr 11,2019
Globally, we have come a long way in changing the landscape of human rights and social justice; where we are currently in the conversation about gender balance is indicative of this advancement.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Feb 14,2019
Unemployment and underemployment are on the rise in Jordan.
By Wafa Alkhadra - Nov 27,2017
Two real-life incidents to which I was a direct witness contributed to shaping my perception of violence against women.At the age of 12, I woke up one morning to the news of the killing of my next-door neighbour who rejected her father’s plan to have her get engaged at the age of



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