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Todd G. Buchholz
By Todd G. Buchholz - Feb 04,2024
SAN DIEGO — In the early 1990s, every self-respecting American yuppie and retired suburban couple bought an electric bread maker, with sales hitting 4 million units.
By Todd G. Buchholz - Nov 20,2023
SAN DIEGO — Tom Cruise’s sports-agent character in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire spoke one of Hollywood’s great catchphrases: “Show me the money.” But the smarter lines come from the wife of Maguire’s sole client, Rod Tidwell.
By Todd G. Buchholz - Mar 02,2021
SAN DIEGO  —  “God does not play dice with the universe,” Einstein once assured us. True. Instead, a gaggle of geeky gamers with goggles, toggles, and Robinhood-like finance apps are determining our future.
By Todd G. Buchholz - Aug 22,2020
SAN DIEGO — The United States today not only looks ill, but dead broke.
By Todd G. Buchholz - Jan 25,2020
SAN DIEGO — America’s infrastructure has been crumbling ever since George Washington crossed the frozen Delaware River on a leaky boat. That seems to be a bipartisan “truth”. And every four years, presidential candidates remind us of the claim.


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