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Taylor Luck
By Taylor Luck - Nov 02,2014
As Jordanian fighter jets take part in bombing runs hundreds of kilometres away along the Syrian-Turkish border and northern Iraq, a more intensive, quieter war is being waged against the Islamic State (IS) at home. In the Kingdom’s mosques and schools, religious officials
By Taylor Luck - Oct 15,2014
This week, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi is set to put before parliament a measure that will either serve as the lynchpin of the US-led coalition’s campaign to rid the country of the Islamic State (IS) or usher in the end to a unified Iraq. Abadi is to put to vote t
By Taylor Luck - Sep 25,2014
The recent bold air strikes in Syria capped what has been a staggering track record in Washington’s two-weeks-old war against the Islamic State. Since US President Barack Obama’s declaration of war on the jihadist movement on September 10, IS has captured 60 villages
By Taylor Luck - Jun 04,2014
Dozens of dissenting members of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood gathered this week in a rare summit demanding the overthrow of the movement’s conservative opposition in what marked one of the greatest challenges to face the opposition group in decades.  Yet, despite
By Taylor Luck - May 17,2014
Jordan’s Lower House of Parliament recently passed a sweeping, if controversial, anti-terror bill granting the state broad powers to detain and try citizens suspected of affiliation with terrorist group abroad in a bid to counter the growing threat posed by jihadist fighter
By Taylor Luck - Apr 19,2014
A recent series of unfortunate incidents in the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp polarised the country, making many debate out loud an issue that was once barely discussed in hushed tones. On April 6, the Zaatari camp made headlines across the region and around the
By Taylor Luck - Apr 12,2014
Beyond all the World Bank reports, Central Bank projections and pages upon pages of heavily scrutinised employment statistics, to get a true picture of Jordan’s economic health all one needs is an afternoon in the Maan Governorate. Like clockwork, traffic stops in Maan at
By Taylor Luck - Apr 02,2014
One week after pundits and polls rehashed death tolls and revolutionary rhetoric to mark three years of Syrian crisis, Jordan and the rest of the region marked a quieter and far more devastating anniversary. Three years ago this month, Mohammed Rifai was one of the first dozens
By Taylor Luck - Feb 02,2014
The Syrian government and the opposition returned home from last week’s historic face-to-face peace talks in Geneva without a deal in hand and with little common ground, but some “results” of their wrangling are staggering: 500 missing, 1,900 dead and 10,0000 wo


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