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Slavoj Žižek
By Slavoj Žižek - Apr 09,2023
LJUBLJANA — The Future of Life Institute’s open letter demanding a six-month precautionary pause on artificial-intelligence development has already been signed by thousands of high-profile figures, including Elon Musk.
By Slavoj Žižek - Oct 16,2022
LJUBLJANA  —  I do not usually write about cultural products from my own country, but I must make an exception for Slovenian filmmaker Miran Zupanič’s new documentary Sarajevo Safari, which details one of the most bizarre and pathological episodes of the 1992-1996 siege
By Slavoj Žižek - Sep 15,2022
LJUBLJANA — I once asked my younger son if he could pass the salt, only to be met with the response, “Of course I can!” When I repeated my request, he snapped back: “You asked me if I could do it and I answered you.
By Slavoj Žižek - Aug 04,2022
LJUBLJANA  —  The Canadian psychologist and alt-right media fixture Jordan Peterson recently stumbled onto an important insight. In a podcast episode titled “Russia vs.
By Slavoj Žižek - Mar 05,2022
LJUBLJANA  —  After the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Slovene government immediately proclaimed its readiness to receive thousands of Ukrainian refugees.


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