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Ramzy Baroud
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 13,2022
September 16 marks the 40th anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, the killing of around 3,000 Palestinians at the hands of Lebanon’s Phalangist militias operating under the command of the Israeli army.Four decades have passed, yet no measure of justice has been received
By Ramzy Baroud - Sep 06,2022
“As soon as I left prison, I went to Nael’s grave. It is adorned with the colors of the Palestinian flag and verses from the Holy Quran.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 30,2022
“There was no Massacre in Jenin” was the title of a Haaretz editorial on April 19, 2002, one week after Israel ended its deadly onslaught on the besieged Palestinian refugee camp in the northern West Bank.The unwarranted conclusion by Haaretz, other Israeli media and, ultimately,
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 23,2022
While US and western mainstream and corporate media remain biased in favour of Israel, they often behave as if they are a third, neutral party. This is simply not the case.Take the New York Times coverage of the latest Israeli war on Gaza as an example.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 16,2022
For years, Palestinians, as well as Israelis, have laboured to redraw the battle lines.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 09,2022
It seemed all but a done deal: Israel is finally managing to bend the Arabs to its will, and Palestine is becoming a marginal issue that no longer defines Israel’s relations with Arab countries.
By Ramzy Baroud - Aug 02,2022
Until recently, Israeli politics did not matter to Palestinians.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 26,2022
To judge US President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Israel and Palestine as a “failure” in terms of activating the dormant “peace process” is simply a misnomer.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 19,2022
“We regret we failed to protect you.” This was part of a statement issued by United Nations human rights experts on July 14, urging the Israeli government to release Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Manasra.
By Ramzy Baroud - Jul 12,2022
The collapse of the short-lived Israeli government of Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid validates the argument that the political crisis in Israel was not entirely instigated and sustained by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Bennett’s coalition government consisted o



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