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Qais Ali Mahafzah
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Sep 20,2022
Going to the airport may be unpleasant and annoying for a variety of reasons, including bad weather, lengthy lineups, and bad food. Happily, resolving (at least some of) these issues and enhancing your airport experience may be accomplished with the simple download of an app.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Aug 02,2022
Public transport is far more efficient than private cars in terms of the road space it uses up and the energy it consumes.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Oct 30,2021
Yellow taxis, which are licensed to operate, are one of the traditional and recognised means of transporting passengers in return for specific fees that are calculated based on the distance.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Oct 05,2021
While international shipping rates became extremely high because of the global economic effect of the Corona-virus, still such unusual rates will hopefully return to normal in the near future.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Sep 14,2020
In Jordan, Uber and Careem are the most common digital platform companies that provide and support transportation services. Such companies created many arguable legal and economic dilemmas.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - May 20,2020
On May 6, 2020, His Majesty King Abdullah chaired a National Policies Council (NPC) meeting attended by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, during which he stressed that Jordan is considered a model in dealing with the COVID 19 crisis.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Apr 20,2020
The current system in resolving disputes through litigation is to appoint lawyers and appear before courts. This system is costly for users; it is too time consuming and disputes take a long time to resolve.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Nov 15,2018
The new fourth technological revolution started to fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to one another. The transformation is unlike anything humankind had experienced before.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - May 05,2018
Initially, it should be acknowledged that the establishment of a military-commercial airport and a logistic centre in Mafraq is a step that, we hope, would boost the economy on the one hand, and provide the Treasury with revenues on the other.
By Qais Ali Mahafzah - Mar 01,2018
Seaports are considered the main economic artery of any state, since more than 80 per cent of goods around the world are carried by sea.Seaports around the world vary in size, capability, equipment and depth of wharfs.


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