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Peter Millett
By Peter Millett - Feb 17,2015
Dear Jordan, our love affair has lasted for four years. But I’m afraid it’s time to break up. I have to leave. It’s going to be hard to do.
By Peter Millett - Feb 04,2015
In the charming Jordanian film “Captain Abu Raed”, a young boy from east Amman tells his friends that people like him do not get good jobs.
By Peter Millett - Jan 20,2015
The headlines have been full of conflict and argument about extremism and fanaticism.
By Peter Millett - Jan 06,2015
These days everyone seems to be in a hurry. Having a “busy schedule” has almost become a badge of honour of modern life. Employees rush from one meeting to the next; parents try to cram in lots of activities for their children; we hardly have time to stop and apprec
By Peter Millett - Dec 09,2014
Diplomacy is an old profession. Over 2,000 years ago Greek city states used to send envoys to negotiate war, peace and trade.  But surely with new technology, governments don’t need intermediaries?
By Peter Millett - Nov 25,2014
Last week I visited Tunisia for a conference. The preparations for last weekend’s presidential election were in full swing.
By Peter Millett - Nov 11,2014
Walking down from the Citadel to the centre of Amman a few weeks ago, I saw three boys sitting by the steps. I was showing some guests around, tourists from Britain.
By Peter Millett - Oct 28,2014
Life would be dull if we all agreed with each other. Fortunately, differences of opinion are inevitable.
By Peter Millett - Oct 14,2014
The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the world’s most prestigious awards. This year it was won by a Pakistani schoolgirl who fought for the right to learn. At 17, Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person ever to win the prize.
By Peter Millett - Sep 30,2014
Three weeks ago the Economist’s front cover pictured a drooping Union Jack with the headline: UK RIP? Fortunately the dismemberment of the United Kingdom didn’t happen. Scots voted by a 10 per cent margin to retain the union.



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