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Paola Subacchi
By Paola Subacchi - Jun 15,2023
MILAN — Despite challenging global conditions, Italy’s economy has been faring relatively well. After slowing in the last quarter of 2022, GDP growth picked up in the first quarter of this year to reach an annualised rate of 1.9 per cent.
By Paola Subacchi - Mar 13,2023
LONDON — The world is at last waking up to the ways in which economic interconnectedness amplifies the risks of geopolitical turmoil.
By Paola Subacchi - May 31,2022
LONDON  —  The world order is at risk of a lasting split, with the United States and its allies on one side, and China and its partners on the other.
By Paola Subacchi - Jan 23,2022
LONDON  —  As Italy scrambles to control surging COVID-19 infections, including by making vaccination compulsory for anyone over 50, cracks are appearing in the broad ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi.
By Paola Subacchi - Oct 30,2021
MILAN — This week, G-20 leaders gather in Rome for their annual summit. But will they use their stay in la grande bellezza to reconcile their differences and lay the groundwork for improved policy cooperation?
By Paola Subacchi - Jun 28,2021
LONDON — Many regard the market for Bitcoin, the world’s leading cryptocurrency, as a game of winners and losers played out among hedge funds, amateur investors, geeks and criminals.
By Paola Subacchi - Apr 06,2021
LONDON — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have sprung into action in ways that would have been inconceivable even a year ago.
By Paola Subacchi - Feb 13,2021
BOLOGNA  —  In 2012, then-European Central Bank President Mario Draghi pulled Europe from the depths of economic crisis with his famous promise to do “whatever it takes” to save the euro.
By Paola Subacchi - Jun 01,2020
LONDON — With output having collapsed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering how far monetary policy can be stretched to support the economy.
By Paola Subacchi - Feb 29,2020
BOLOGNA — Northern Italy currently is the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe. So far, 17 Italians have died as a result of the new coronavirus, and 650 have been infected.



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