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Nicholas Agar
By Nicholas Agar - Oct 02,2022
HAMILTON  —  There has been much hand-wringing about the crisis of the humanities, and recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence have added to the angst. It is not only truck drivers whose jobs are threatened by automation.
By Nicholas Agar - Dec 11,2021
ADELAIDE — These are tough times for the humanities. Too many liberal arts subjects have come to be seen as fusty and irrelevant. Who can afford to invest in a four-year education focusing on the wisdom of the Mayan civilization or the nuances of Japanese poetry?
By Nicholas Agar - Oct 29,2019
WELLINGTON — There are many legitimate complaints about work in the “gig economy”. But, in time, many of the gigs will be automated, eliminating a significant source of work for immigrants and the less educated.
By Nicholas Agar - Jun 27,2019
WELLINGTON — Wherever one looks — the media, political leaders’ rhetoric, or online discussions — one finds a bias towards bad ideals. This is not to suggest that we (or most of us) endorse, say, racism, misogyny, or homophobia, but rather that we grant them efficacy.


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