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Mohammad Ghazal
By Mohammad Ghazal - Aug 01,2023
In 2020, Jordan's energy sector strategy made headlines by setting a goal to raise renewable energy contributions to 31% by 2030. As recent developments affirm, the Kingdom is on the brink of exceeding this target and is ambitiously aiming for a 50 per cent rate.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Jul 13,2023
The prospect of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) establishing its first-ever office in the Arab world, particularly in Jordan, marks a significant milestone in the deep-rooted strategic partnership between Jordan and NATO.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Jun 04,2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are rapidly transforming the journalism landscape, offering new possibilities and challenges alike for newsrooms worldwide. However, a recent survey conducted by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) in collabor
By Mohammad Ghazal - Apr 08,2023
“People do not learn from problems by reading about problems,” Cheryl Dahle, Climate Initiative manager of the Solutions Journalism Network, said in a recent online session on solutions journalism.In a world where misinformation and disinformation about climate change run rampant
By Mohammad Ghazal - Apr 03,2023
Throughout history, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has stood unwaveringly with the Palestinian people, steadfast in its support of their right to self-determination and independent statehood, and devoted to the defence of the holy city of Jerusalem and its sacred sites.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Apr 01,2023
Recycling has become a critical aspect of waste management and environmental conservation in Jordan, a country with over 11 million people.The increase in population and urbanisation has led to higher waste generation, putting pressure on the existing waste management infrastruct
By Mohammad Ghazal - Mar 26,2023
ALBUQUERQUE — Climate change is a global crisis that transcends borders and unites countries in a common struggle.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Mar 25,2023
In recent years, the world has awakened to the devastating environmental impact of single-use plastics, particularly plastic bags.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Mar 23,2023
As the holy month of Ramadan starts, Jordanians prepare to come together in a spirit of compassion, humility and generosity. While this sacred time is marked by charity, it is also marred by an unfortunate reality: The significant increase in food waste.
By Mohammad Ghazal - Sep 11,2022
The last few weeks have once again sounded the global alarm, as countries both developed and developing are facing unprecedented ramifications of climate change that are hitting all of us hard.Recent flooding in Pakistan covering an area the size of the United Kingdom killed near



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