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Mohamed A. El-Erian
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 01,2024
CAMBRIDGE — Once again, US economic and market forecasters are having a difficult time. Worse, while 2023 surprised on the upside, the deviation from projections in 2024 could be much less favourable.Recall the start of 2023.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Mar 02,2024
CAMBRIDGE — What happens in the United States does not stay in the United States. The global economy depends on America to act as a main engine of growth, and global financial markets depend on US investors’ outsize appetite for risk.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jan 14,2024
CAMBRIDGE — Behavioural economists have popularised the term “recency bias” to describe our tendency to be disproportionately influenced by the latest events compared to earlier ones.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Dec 24,2023
CAMBRIDGE — The Western-led global economic order had a bad 2023. Surprisingly, the primary cause was not the emergence of an alternative order led by China, as some had anticipated.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Oct 29,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Businesses, governments and investors were already navigating a foggy global landscape before the tragic events unfolding in the Middle East.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Aug 23,2023
 CAMBRIDGE — For decades, China set a shining example of how to capitalise on globalisation to accelerate domestic economic growth and development.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Aug 19,2023
CAMBRIDGE — The global economy this year is full of puzzling surprises.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Jun 01,2023
 CAMBRIDGE — One might think that predicting the US Federal Reserve’s next policy moves would become easier now that it has already hiked interest rates ten consecutive times, for a total of five percentage points.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - May 08,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Reacting to Silicon Valley Bank’s sudden collapse, André Esteves, a senior Brazilian banking executive, recently told Bloomberg that “SVB’s interest rate risk would’ve been obvious to any banking intern in Latin America”.
By Mohamed A. El-Erian - Mar 14,2023
CAMBRIDGE — For three decades, businesses and governments around the world operated under the assumption that economic and financial globalisation will continue apace.



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