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Melvyn Krauss
By Melvyn Krauss - Apr 17,2021
STANFORD — In French President Emmanuel Macron, the United States has the best ally it could hope for in the Élysée Palace.
By Melvyn Krauss - Mar 15,2021
STANFORD — Strange as it may sound, vaccines are now the key to reviving the transatlantic relationship. former president Donald Trump’s “America First” administration had left ties between the United States and its European allies badly frayed.
By Melvyn Krauss - Feb 27,2021
STANFORD  —  Mario Draghi’s first speech as Italy’s prime minister made clear that his national unity government will not only be about domestic Italian politics and policy reforms, but about Europe, too.
By Melvyn Krauss - Jan 25,2021
STANFORD  —  Armin Laschet’s victory in the election to lead Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) puts him in pole position to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel later this year.
By Melvyn Krauss - Dec 16,2020
STANFORD — The European Central Bank’s (ECB) monetary policy has undergone a peculiar change during the pandemic.
By Melvyn Krauss - Dec 13,2020
STANFORD — US President-elect Joe Biden’s nomination of Lloyd Austin, a recently retired four-star general, as Secretary of Defence is a further welcome sign that America has come to its senses and will, after January 20 next year, no longer seek to punish its friends and reward
By Melvyn Krauss - Nov 24,2020
NEW YORK — The second wave of COVID-19 infections has struck Europe harder than many expected. The hope of a V-shaped recovery has been replaced by the fear of a double-dip recession, implying that there will be no quick return to normal European Union budget rules.


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