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Mariana Mazzucato
By Mariana Mazzucato - Apr 05,2024
LONDON – Recent drafts of a global pandemic treaty have been widely criticised as “shameful and unjust”.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Jan 20,2024
DAVOS — With voters in 76 countries heading to the polls in 2024, this is a record-breaking year for democracy. Yet, it coincides with an alarming rise in right-wing populism, which increasingly blames policies to address climate change for voters’ economic hardships.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Jun 01,2023
LONDON — The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank recently held their annual spring meetings, which, according to the organisers, produced a “strong message of confidence and a willingness to cooperate.” But lofty rhetoric and good intentions will not be enough to
By Mariana Mazzucato - Apr 06,2023
LONDON — As political theater, it would be hard to beat US Senate Health, Education, Labour and Pensions Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders’ recent grilling of Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel, who was forced to explain why his company has quadrupled the price of its COVID-19 vaccine.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Jan 28,2023
LONDON — After leaders of government, business and civil society met at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, the observation that we are living in the age of a “polycrisis” has spread.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Nov 07,2022
CAIRO  —  In recent weeks, several members of the Glasgow Financial Alliance on Net Zero (GFANZ), a group of 450 financial institutions, have quit over concerns about the cost of delivering on their climate commitments.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Nov 05,2022
SANTIAGO  —  The war in Ukraine and the global cost-of-living crisis are hitting Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) hard.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Oct 06,2022
LONDON  —  With much of the world facing unavoidable health, energy, cost-of-living, and climate challenges, progressive political leaders have an opportunity to articulate a meaningful alternative to traditional economic policymaking.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Sep 18,2022
LONDON  —  The pandemic is not over. While the summer of 2022 is very different from the summer of 2020, because we now have vaccines, treatments, and a better understanding of the virus, it’s not enough. Every week, 15,000 people still die from COVID-19.
By Mariana Mazzucato - Mar 09,2022
LONDON  —  Care is the life-giving force that sustains health and well-being, binding together societies and ecologies. But everyday forms of care, though essential, are systematically undervalued.



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