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Mahmoud N. Zidan
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Feb 09,2016
Many people might think that the words Daesh and education are intrinsically antithetical, and they would be right if they were referring to education in our region in an abstract way.But education in the region, it is sad to admit, is deteriorating.
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Feb 02,2016
Recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened migrant families — primarily Muslim — with deportation if they do not pass an English test.Cameron’s interest in showing his power over marginalised people, especially women, through his mastery — pun intended — of English
By Mahmoud N. Zidan - Jan 08,2016
At the beginning of the New Year, I cannot help but remember Hadeel Rajabi, an 11-year-old child. Do I need to say that she is, like all children at this age, full of a combination of innocence, ambition, stubbornness and perhaps mischievousness?Yes, I do, as she is Palestin



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