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Joseph S. Nye
By Joseph S. Nye - Oct 05,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s war in Ukraine is the most disruptive conflict that Europe has seen since 1945.
By Joseph S. Nye - Sep 22,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and nuclear saber rattling against the West have revived a debate about nuclear weapons.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jul 27,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Ukraine inherited part of its nuclear arsenal.
By Joseph S. Nye - May 08,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —   As Russian missiles pound Ukrainian cities, and as Ukrainians fight to defend their country, some avowed realists might say, “So much for soft power.” But such a response betrays a shallow analysis.
By Joseph S. Nye - Mar 01,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has revived many questions about nuclear deterrence.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jan 11,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  As 2021 drew to a close, Russia had massed troops near its border with Ukraine; China had flown military jets near Taiwan; North Korea was still pursuing its nuclear-weapons programme; and Taliban fighters were patrolling the streets of Kabul.
By Joseph S. Nye - Dec 07,2021
CAMBRIDGE — The United States and China are competing for dominance in technology. America has long been at the forefront in developing the technologies (bio, nano, information) that are central to economic growth in the twenty-first century.
By Joseph S. Nye - Nov 07,2021
CAMBRIDGE — At a recent meeting of trans-Atlantic foreign policy experts, a European friend told the group that he used to worry about a decline in American hard power, but felt reassured.
By Joseph S. Nye - Sep 07,2021
CAMBRIDGE — The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were a horrific shock.
By Joseph S. Nye - Jul 11,2021
CAMBRIDGE — When US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their first summit in Geneva last month, cyber weapons played a larger role on the agenda than the nuclear kind.



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