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Josef Joffe
By Josef Joffe - Apr 11,2023
HAMBURG — When Finland cleared the last hurdle for NATO membership last week, major Western newspapers buried the story. Yet, Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto justly celebrated “these historic days”, the end of 75 years of neutrality.
By Josef Joffe - Jan 31,2023
HAMBURG — “Tankeschön”, reads a punning meme making the rounds online these days. It shows a German panzer with a Ukrainian flag. A year into the war, Germany is suddenly set to deliver 14 Leopard 2 tanks.
By Josef Joffe - Aug 23,2022
HAMBURG  —  Germany is emerging from Dreamland, and the Green Party, a most unlikely avatar of realism, is leading the way. Forty years ago, the Greens arose out of nowhere with a hard-core ideology: no American nukes, no nuclear energy, no use of force.
By Josef Joffe - Feb 23,2021
HAMBURG — Nord Stream 2, the almost-finished pipeline running directly from Russia to Germany, is not really about securing cheap natural gas.
By Josef Joffe - Jan 20,2021
HAMBURG  —  The election of a European party leader, one of roughly 200 in the European Union, is normally not big news.
By Josef Joffe - Nov 16,2020
HAMBURG — After four years of Donald Trump, his impending departure has sent hopes soaring. The Great Disruptor will be replaced by Joe Biden, an internationalist and institutionalist.
By Josef Joffe - Oct 15,2020
HAMBURG – For decades, France and Germany have been known as Europe’s ruling “tandem” or “couple,” even its “engine.” Together, they aimed to work to unify the continent.


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