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Jorge G. Castañeda
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Mar 15,2020
MEXICO CITY — On March 20, the Organisation of American States (OSA) will convene a special general assembly to elect a secretary general.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Dec 22,2019
MEXICO CITY — By approving the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the US House of Representatives has removed a major potential obstacle to the trade pact.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Sep 16,2019
MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s political and economic malaise could go from bad to worse in the coming months. The Mexican economy has been stagnating since late last year.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Jul 05,2019
MEXICO CITY — Last month, US President Donald Trump’s administration railroaded Mexico into agreeing to take “unprecedented steps” to curb irregular migration and human trafficking across its borders.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - May 15,2019
MEXICO CITY — As a foreigner currently writing a book about Americans, I am encouraged by some signs I see as the 2020 presidential campaign heats up.
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Dec 03,2018
MEXICO CITY — The inauguration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) as president of Mexico will soon be followed by Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration, as well as US President Donald Trump’s completion of two full years in office. Though each is a uniqu
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Apr 08,2017
During the Spanish Civil war, thousands of young Americans went to Spain to join the fight against fascism as part of the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade”.Today, as more people wake up to the threat that US President Donald Trump poses to the rule of law, human rights and international
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Nov 12,2016
Despite US President-elect Donald Trump’s crude behaviour, insulting rhetoric, and vicious incitement over the past year and a half, the mantra in the coming days will inevitably be that it is time to move forward.His opponent, Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama have alr
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Mar 24,2016
Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba is undoubtedly a historic moment, as it marks the first time in 88 years that a sitting American president has set foot on the island.But superlatives are far less useful than a pragmatic look at the practical implications — for both the United States
By Jorge G. Castañeda - Jan 07,2016
Demagogues and populists like US presidential candidate Donald Trump and French National Front leader Marine Le Pen are setting Western politics alight.But in Latin America, populist leaders are losing support: Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner has just been voted out of office; in V



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