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Jim O’Neill
By Jim O’Neill - Nov 21,2015
Recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a new fund to support research aimed at tackling the problem of so-called superbugs: disease-causing microbes that have become resistant to conventional drugs. It was a hugely rewarding
By Jim O’Neill - Sep 07,2015
To solve the problem of antimicrobial resistance, the world needs not only new drugs but also new behaviour — by all 7 billion of us.Because of the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, common infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis are becoming increasingly resistant to exist
By Jim O’Neill - Jul 01,2015
Current antibiotics are becoming increasingly ineffective, not only at fighting common illnesses like pneumonia and urinary tract infections, but also at treating a range of infections, such as tuberculosis and malaria, which now risk again becoming incurable.With the G-7 leaders
By Jim O’Neill - Feb 23,2015
The conventional wisdom about the state of the world economy goes something like this: Since the start of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, the developed world has struggled to recover, with only the United States able to adjust. Emerging countries have fared better, but they, too
By Jim O’Neill - Dec 27,2014
When British Prime Minister David Cameron asked me in July to lead an effort to find solutions to the growing global problem of antimicrobial resistance, my first question was: “What is that?” I soon learned that, as bacteria and parasites develop resistance to exist



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