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Jim O’Neill
By Jim O’Neill - Oct 18,2017
This month, international media are understandably focused on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) 19th National Congress, a carefully choreographed event that will reveal who’s “in” and who’s “out” with Chinese President Xi Jinping.But while it is important to know who Xi’s favou
By Jim O’Neill - Sep 26,2017
This month is the first anniversary of the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which the United Kingdom’s independent Review on AMR helped to bring about.That moment last year was very gratifying for me, as the chairman of the Review, as well as f
By Jim O’Neill - Jul 26,2017
Recently, Volvo issued an inspiring announcement: it will no longer produce gasoline- or diesel-fuelled cars after 2019.Volvo executives may be anticipating that traditional vehicles will be less profitable in the future.
By Jim O’Neill - Jul 09,2017
I have been out of the world of international finance and economic forecasting for more than four years, but much of what I learned during my 30 years working full-time in the field still influences how I view the world.One lesson was to measure an entity’s economic and fina
By Jim O’Neill - May 25,2017
I am a proud Mancunian (as the people of Manchester are known), despite the fact that I have not lived there permanently since I left school for university when I was 18.I was born in St.
By Jim O’Neill - Jan 19,2017
I was recently in beautiful Chile for a Futures Congress, and I had a chance to travel south to the very tip of Latin America.I also recently made a BBC radio documentary called “Fixing Globalisation”, in which I crisscrossed the United Kingdom in search of ideas for improvi
By Jim O’Neill - Nov 29,2016
I know from my 32 years in finance that the weird world of foreign exchange markets can sometimes defy comprehension, and that trying to estimate sterling’s baseline, equilibrium value can be an exercise in futility.Indeed, in the heady hour after the Brexit referendum polls
By Jim O’Neill - May 09,2016
Combating antimicrobial resistance will require groundbreaking technological solutions.
By Jim O’Neill - Mar 15,2016
The outbreak of the Zika virus, like Ebola before it, has highlighted the risk that infectious diseases can pose to the health of entire countries — and the importance of vaccines to the fight against fast-moving epidemics.Indeed, efforts are already under way to find ways to ino
By Jim O’Neill - Jan 10,2016
November marked a setback in the fight against drug-resistant infections.Scientists announced that they had found bacteria that were resistant to colistin, known as an antibiotic of last resort.Even more alarming, they discovered that the gene providing the resistance could migra



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