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Jean Pisani-Ferry
By Jean Pisani-Ferry - May 04,2021
PARIS — In the mid-1980s, only seven countries had fiscal rules. In 2015, when the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last counted, 96 did.
By Jean Pisani-Ferry - Sep 28,2020
 PARIS — To help their pandemic-hit economies recover, European Union leaders agreed in July to borrow 750 billion euros ($876 billion) to finance 390 billion euros in grants and 360 billion euros in loans to the bloc’s member states.
By Jean Pisani-Ferry - Jul 27,2020
PARIS — There is a growing possibility that the COVID-19 crisis will mark the end of the growth model born four decades ago with the Reagan-Thatcher revolution, China’s embrace of capitalism, and the demise of the Soviet Union.
By Jean Pisani-Ferry - Jan 29,2020
PARIS — Since he was elected US president, Donald Trump has done almost everything standard economic wisdom regards as heresy. He has erected trade barriers and stoked uncertainty with threats of further tariffs. He has blackmailed private businesses.
By Jean Pisani-Ferry - Nov 02,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — In 1990, 12 advanced economies had a tax on household wealth. Now only four do, after French President Emmanuel Macron scrapped his country’s version in 2017.


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