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Javier Solana
By Javier Solana - Apr 08,2015
It is safe to say that the most consequential geostrategic development of the last two decades has been China’s rise.  Yet the West has failed to accord China — not to mention the other major emerging economies — the degree of influence in today’s gl
By Javier Solana - Mar 19,2015
The European Union has taken democratic integration — driven by the free will of its members, rather than military force — to unprecedented levels, securing its place at the forefront of institutional innovation. But today, sentiment in the EU seems to lean towards &
By Javier Solana - Jan 28,2015
He came from Algeria seeking a better life, anticipating an escape from poverty, oppression and hopelessness. In Paris, he found a low-skill job and had children and grandchildren. As French citizens, they had the right to an education and healthcare.
By Javier Solana - Jan 11,2015
When Pope Francis addressed the European Parliament last November, he compared the European Union to a grandmother — pleasant and rich with experience, but lacking the vitality and energy of the past. It is high time, Francis argued, that EU leaders shed their dozy image,
By Javier Solana - Jan 04,2015
It has been nearly four years since the first uprisings in Damascus and the beginning of the Syrian civil war.
By Javier Solana - Nov 30,2014
Jihadism is flourishing. Tensions with Russia are flaring.
By Javier Solana - Nov 01,2014
We have been living in an illusion. For years, the world has believed that the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar order would be peaceful, orderly and steady, with new players like China, Brazil and Turkey adapting to the existing multilateral framework in a natural, har
By Javier Solana - Oct 25,2014
Global transformations are nothing new.
By Javier Solana - Jun 18,2014
The recent gains made by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) confirms that, more than a decade after the war in Iraq began, stability in the Middle East remains on a knife’s edge. ISIL — with its transnational commitment to a caliphate that encompasses va
By Javier Solana - May 03,2014
The run-up to next month’s European Parliament election has been characterised by a stifling tension between pro- and anti-Europeans. Surveys show that the two main political forces, conservatives and social democrats, are still running close (and far ahead of the rest); h



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