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Javier Solana
By Javier Solana - Dec 23,2020
MADRID — Most readers will remember the widespread enthusiasm with which we met the arrival of the twenty-first century. It was a time of high hopes, grandiloquent editorials, and unfeigned daring on the part of the West.
By Javier Solana - Nov 22,2020
MADRID — There is an eternal debate about how much leadership and personality matter in international relations. But after the turbulence of the last four years, there can no longer be any doubt that a lot depends on who is at the helm, particularly in the United States.
By Javier Solana - Oct 24,2020
MADRID — When Donald Trump became the US Republican Party’s presidential nominee in 2016, many predicted that he would tone down his inflammatory rhetoric during the election campaign against Hillary Clinton in order to attract moderate voters.
By Javier Solana - Sep 21,2020
MADRID — The Sperry Corporation was an American manufacturer of electronic components, information-technology equipment, and defense systems that obtained lucrative government armaments contracts after the United States entered World War II.
By Javier Solana - Aug 22,2020
MADRID — “The intellectual capital of the Arab East” and “the ideal place for maximum flowering and pluralism” is how the writer Amin Maalouf, one of Beirut’s most celebrated sons, has described the city as it was in the 1960s.
By Javier Solana - Mar 29,2020
MADRID — As many readers may know, I am currently hospitalised in Madrid after having tested positive for COVID-19. My recovery has been slow, but the prospects are encouraging.
By Javier Solana - Feb 22,2020
MADRID — Over the last decade, Libya has become a failed state, descending from its own Arab Spring into the coldest of winters. The fall of Muammar Qadhafi regime in 2011 did not lead to the social improvements that many had hoped for, but rather to misgovernment and misery.
By Javier Solana - Jan 14,2020
MADRID — The new year began with yet another senseless foreign-policy decision by US President Donald Trump.
By Javier Solana - Dec 21,2019
MADRID — With popular discontent erupting in numerous countries around the world, the mass demonstrations in Iraq that have triggered the fall of the country’s government have gone relatively unnoticed in the West.
By Javier Solana - Nov 24,2019
MADRID — Tackling climate change is a monumental challenge, but the leader of the foremost global power continues to wash his hands of the matter.



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