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James K. Galbraith
By James K. Galbraith - Dec 30,2023
 AUSTIN — When assessments of the quasi-inflation of 2021-22 appeared in major US media outlets this month, the prognosis was good: The fever has receded and may already be gone. The latest reports on personal consumption expenditures were jubilant.
By James K. Galbraith - Sep 22,2023
AUSTIN — In a recent CNN interview, Paul Krugman of The New York Times finds it hard to understand why ordinary American voters do not share his euphoric view of US President Joe Biden’s goldilocks economy, which appears to be neither hot nor cold.
By James K. Galbraith - Aug 19,2023
TOWNSHEND, VERMONT – Three recent articles in The New York Times have signalled a “new” narrative about China. Only weeks ago, China was America’s fearsome “peer competitor” on the world stage. But now, we are told, it is a wounded dragon.
By James K. Galbraith - Aug 10,2023
AUSTIN — Back in 2021 and early 2022, a posse of prominent economists, including Lawrence H.
By James K. Galbraith - Jun 08,2023
AUSTIN — There is an odious American political mythology concerning bipartisanship, according to which bitter adversaries, scarred by battle, find common ground, join hands, and stroll off together into the sunset. It is mostly hokum. Ulysses S.
By James K. Galbraith - Mar 13,2023
AUSTIN — In a flash, the savage destruction of Greece foretold in 2015 (and before) is back in the news, owing to a grisly tragedy on one of Europe’s smallest railroad systems.
By James K. Galbraith - Jan 11,2023
AUSTIN — In his bid to become Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy apparently agreed to a demand, voiced by Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina, that he commit to “shut down the government rather than raise the debt ceiling”.
By James K. Galbraith - Aug 16,2022
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO  —  US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell has committed to putting US monetary policy on a course of rising interest rates, which could boost the short-term rate (on federal funds and treasury bills) by at least 200 basis points by the
By James K. Galbraith - May 10,2022
AUSTIN  —  According to economist Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University, “a growing crescendo of commentary places the blame for the current surge in US inflation squarely on the Federal Reserve”.
By James K. Galbraith - Jan 23,2022
AUSTIN  —  With a single commentary in The Guardian, and an unintended assist from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, economist Isabella Weber of the University of Massachusetts injected clear thinking into a debate that had been suppressed for 40 years.



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