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James K. Galbraith
By James K. Galbraith - Jan 11,2023
AUSTIN — In his bid to become Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy apparently agreed to a demand, voiced by Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina, that he commit to “shut down the government rather than raise the debt ceiling”.
By James K. Galbraith - Aug 16,2022
STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO  —  US Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell has committed to putting US monetary policy on a course of rising interest rates, which could boost the short-term rate (on federal funds and treasury bills) by at least 200 basis points by the
By James K. Galbraith - May 10,2022
AUSTIN  —  According to economist Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University, “a growing crescendo of commentary places the blame for the current surge in US inflation squarely on the Federal Reserve”.
By James K. Galbraith - Jan 23,2022
AUSTIN  —  With a single commentary in The Guardian, and an unintended assist from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, economist Isabella Weber of the University of Massachusetts injected clear thinking into a debate that had been suppressed for 40 years.
By James K. Galbraith - Jan 09,2022
AUSTIN  —  With the anniversary of the January 6 riot now over, let’s focus on the big picture.The great anomaly of the 2020 US presidential election was that Joe Biden won the national popular vote by 7 million votes, yet came within 43,000 (in three close states) of l
By James K. Galbraith - Nov 22,2021
AUSTIN — The headline chosen for Harvard economist Jason Furman’s November 15 commentary in the Wall Street Journal was both apt and sad.
By James K. Galbraith - Nov 16,2021
AUSTIN — Pity the academic conservative. Having enjoyed tenure at Harvard University, the London School of Economics, and New York University, and now a steady gig at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, the historian Niall Ferguson now plays the victim.
By James K. Galbraith - Nov 16,2021
AUSTIN — A supply chain is like a Rorschach Test: each economic analyst sees in it a pattern reflecting his or her own preconceptions. This may be inevitable, since everyone is a product of differing educations, backgrounds, and prejudices.
By James K. Galbraith - Oct 30,2021
AUSTIN — Brood with me on the latest delay of the full release of the records pertaining to the murder of president John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963. That was 58 years ago.
By James K. Galbraith - Aug 21,2021
TOWNSHEND, VT — Now that so many sad truths about Afghanistan are being spoken aloud, even in the major media, let me add one more: The war, from start to finish, was about politics, not in Afghanistan but in the United States.Afghanistan was always a sideshow.



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