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James J. Zogby
By James J. Zogby - Nov 28,2023
Several events of the past few weeks point to our frightening reality when it comes to freedom of speech regarding Israel/Palestine.
By James J. Zogby - Nov 20,2023
The war over Gaza has had an explosive and surprising impact on the cohesion of the Democratic coalition.
By James J. Zogby - Nov 13,2023
I have been organising Arab Americans for almost a half century. For the past three decades, my brother John and I have polled the community’s views on a range of political topics.
By James J. Zogby - Nov 06,2023
In recent years, US pro-Israel groups have pursued a multi-pronged strategy to stifle discourse about Israeli policy and Palestinian rights.
By James J. Zogby - Oct 31,2023
Too many comments from Israeli political, military and religious leaders have suggested that all Palestinians are legitimate targets because they support Hamas or that they voted for them and are, therefore, guilty of that group’s many crimes.
By James J. Zogby - Oct 09,2023
When a Department of Homeland Security senior official called with a heads-up about the Biden administration’s formal announcement of Israel’s admission into the US Visa Waiver Programme (VWP), knowing my opposition because of Israel’s history of discriminatory treatment of Arab
By James J. Zogby - Oct 02,2023
American politics are a dysfunctional mess, though the US never tires of chiding other countries for their lack of democratic institutions or failure to protect democratic values.Both were on display this past week as President Joseph Biden, speaking at the United Nations General
By James J. Zogby - Sep 25,2023
The breakthrough of the Oslo Accords was not in its details, but rather in its opening sentences in which the Israeli government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) recognised one another’s legitimacy as representatives of two separate peoples and negotiating partners
By James J. Zogby - Sep 18,2023
Despite being an eyewitness to the unravelling of the Oslo Accords, I am not at all embarrassed to say that I supported Oslo.Thirty years ago, news of an Israeli-PLO agreement hit Washington like an earthquake, shattering taboos and upending what had been considered political con
By James J. Zogby - Sep 12,2023
Next month’s meeting of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will mark my 30th year as a member of that body. As an Arab American and one of the longest serving DNC members, I have a story to tell.Because I have been there so long, some take my presence for granted.



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