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Jacek Rostowski
By Jacek Rostowski - Jul 14,2020
LONDON — Although Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski did not come out on top in Poland’s presidential election, the result represents a turning point in European politics. The nationalist-populist tide has peaked.
By Jacek Rostowski - Jul 11,2018
LONDON — In the beginning, British Prime Minister Theresa May had a plan: “Brexit means Brexit.” The idea was to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union so fast that voters would not realise they had been sold a bill of goods during the EU referendum campaign and shou
By Jacek Rostowski - May 31,2018
BUDAPEST — I recently attended a PhD seminar in labour economics at the Central European University in Budapest.
By Jacek Rostowski - Nov 23,2017
It is easy to forget that defence and security are not the same thing. Defence is what countries must resort to when their security breaks down.
By Jacek Rostowski - May 06,2017
Several months ago, I predicted that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government would fall by next month, when the British people realised that the “soft Brexit” they had been promised was impossible.How wrong I was! May has now called an early election, which she is ti
By Jacek Rostowski - Feb 08,2017
In the weeks since Donald Trump’s inauguration as president of the United States, it has become clear that he intends to roll back the progressive-egalitarian agenda that is commonly associated with “political correctness” to the starting block — not just in the US, but globally.
By Jacek Rostowski - Dec 29,2016
British Prime Minister Theresa May reportedly “needed some time to compose herself” in a recent meeting with her presumed ally Angela Merkel.The German Chancellor categorically rejected May’s proposal to do a “side deal” on European Union nationals living in Britain before the Un
By Jacek Rostowski - Oct 15,2016
Little more than three months after the United Kingdom’s decision in June to leave the European Union, Brexit politics are careening out of control in the UK. An almost revolutionary — and very un-British — dynamic has taken hold, and, as British Prime Minister Theresa May i
By Jacek Rostowski - Feb 06,2016
The first challenge to the Western hegemony that followed the collapse of communism in Europe was the emergence of the so-called BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — in the 2000s.Rapidly growing and collectively accounting for nearly half of the world
By Jacek Rostowski - Feb 01,2016
British Prime Minister David Cameron has lately begun to speak out about the importance of European Union membership for the United Kingdom’s security.That is probably the most compelling argument for remaining in the EU that Cameron could present to British voters ahead of a ref



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