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Helmut K. Anheier
By Helmut K. Anheier - Dec 20,2023
BERLIN — There was a time when, in the eyes of many, Germany could do no wrong: The economy was strong, unemployment was low, and its strategy of fiscal consolidation was successful.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Aug 17,2023
BERLIN — Over the last two years, Germany’s largest far-right party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), has managed to consolidate the numerous splinter groups that comprise the country’s long-unsettled nationalist fringe.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Jul 23,2023
BERLIN — Until recently, the protracted saga of the Benin Bronzes’ repatriation appeared to be heading toward a satisfying conclusion.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Jun 25,2023
BERLIN — After a significant delay, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently unveiled the country’s first national-security strategy.
By Helmut K. Anheier - May 08,2023
BERLIN — The policy bottlenecks that many people thought would impede Germany’s Ampelkoalition (“traffic-light coalition”) have materialised, well into its second year in power.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Mar 01,2023
BERLIN — Two months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, Jürgen Habermas, perhaps Germany’s leading public intellectual, published a commentary that triggered one of the country’s most ferocious political debates in decades.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Nov 20,2022
 BERLIN  —  Just days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declared that Germany’s approach to defense and foreign policy would undergo a Zeitenwende (epochal change).
By Helmut K. Anheier - Sep 19,2022
BERLIN  —  It has now been more than six months since German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stood before a special session of the Bundestag to address Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine. “We are living through a watershed era.
By Helmut K. Anheier - May 17,2022
BERLIN  —  A commentary by philosopher Jürgen Habermas has triggered one of Germany’s most ferocious political debates in decades, on the question of how the country should position itself in the widening Russian-Ukrainian war.
By Helmut K. Anheier - Apr 16,2022
BERLIN — After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the newly reunited Germany became a champion and leading exponent of the emerging liberal international order.



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