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Hasan Dajah
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 23,2024
Considering the ongoing tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, the Israeli government recently accused the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of siding with the Palestinian people in the case brought by South Africa, and also accused the United Nations Relief and Works A
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 20,2024
The main objectives of opening a NATO office in Jordan are many and varied. Primarily, NATO aims to enhance military and security cooperation with Jordan, as Jordan is considered a strategic ally in the Middle East region.
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 18,2024
 After years of ongoing conflict and increasing tensions, it seems that the world is beginning to look at a new reality in Gaza.
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 16,2024
Jordanian foreign policy is distinguished by its flexibility and its ability to balance relations with Arab countries and the West, thanks to Jordan's strategic geographical location and its ancient history, which has made it a major player in the region.
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 13,2024
 We can anticipate the future situation of the Israeli war on Gaza through the following scenarios that reflect the different possibilities for the end of the conflict.
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 08,2024
Tensions between Israel and Lebanon may escalate into an open military confrontation this year, as several local and regional factors loom on the horizon that could spark conflict.
By Hasan Dajah - Jul 01,2024
In our contemporary world, intellectual security has become a topic of great importance for maintaining the stability and progress of societies.
By Hasan Dajah - Jun 28,2024
In recent decades, Jordan has witnessed a low but consistent rate of terrorist activities, compared to other countries in the region.Over the past 30 years, there have been an average of two terrorist attacks per year, reflecting the security challenges facing Jordan.According to
By Hasan Dajah - Jun 25,2024
The participation of parties in the Jordanian parliamentary elections constitutes an essential pillar in strengthening the democratic process and activating the role of political institutions in the country.
By Hasan Dajah - Jun 13,2024
Biden’s plan to stop the war on Gaza relies on a comprehensive approach divided into stages aimed at achieving a sustainable ceasefire, prisoner exchange and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas in Gaza, in addition to facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid.T



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