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Hasan Abu Nimah
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Mar 11,2014
Much of the public debate has recently been focused on education in our country, with people wondering what went wrong. Questions such as the rising phenomenon of illiteracy in elementary schools, poor quality at all education levels in general and campus violence have been caus
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Mar 04,2014
Just a day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due in Washington to meet US President Barack Obama at the White House, Monday, every concerned observer was stunned by the content of the president’s interview with Geoffrey Goldberg of the Bloomberg View. Th
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Feb 25,2014
I was shocked a few days ago to come across a press report from Amman describing Jordanians as a society haunted by fear, mainly from the possible consequences of the failure of the recent Geneva II conference on Syria. Other reports have also been reflecting a prevailing s
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Feb 18,2014
The second session of the second Geneva conference on Syria ended last Friday with no agreement. The delegations returned to where they came from empty handed. Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy who played a key role in trying to locate conversion points in otherwise d
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Feb 12,2014
The current Egyptian political scene is quite confusing. Three years ago, there was a sustained popular uprising that managed in record time to topple the three-decade-old stagnant regime of former president Hosni Mubarak. Not only internally, but all over the Arab world, the
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Feb 04,2014
Despite massive diplomatic mobilisation, the conference that was intended to end the Syrian crisis ended with no single accomplishment.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jan 28,2014
Finally the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has decided to enforce the law that bans smoking in public places. The lobby against the decision is fierce.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jan 21,2014
There are few true success stories that come to public light.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jan 14,2014
It still is difficult to take any of the components of the American plan for settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for granted. There have been a lot of indicative leaks that could not be but authentic.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jan 07,2014
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has reiterated his plan to transfer some 300,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel living in several towns in the north to the Palestinian Authority. This would be part of an “exchange of population and territory” whereby I



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