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Harold James
By Harold James - Apr 07,2021
BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hasty revocation of a hastily announced Easter lockdown was surprising, even shocking, given her ever-calm demeanor. Even more extraordinary was the apology she issued to parliament: “The mistake is mine and mine alone.
By Harold James - Jan 05,2021
PRINCETON — Political systems live on competition. Political incumbents and aspirants are constantly claiming that they can manage problems better than their rivals can.
By Harold James - Dec 02,2020
PRINCETON — COVID-19 is dramatically widening a global divide that was evident long before the current crisis.
By Harold James - Nov 03,2020
PRINCETON — The strange and dispiriting US presidential election campaign has been marked by an absence of substantive debate and a deluge of lies. As Joe Biden said of Donald Trump in the first televised debate, “The fact is that everything he’s saying so far is simply a lie.
By Harold James - Oct 01,2020
PRINCETON – The world’s most dynamic economy is governed by a communist party, whereas its previous capitalist stronghold is under the misrule of a man whose companies have gone bankrupt six times.
By Harold James - Sep 06,2020
PRINCETON — Has COVID-19 killed the megacity? The pandemic certainly is reshaping globalisation, turning the hubs of the pre-2020 global economy into epicenters of contagion and leaving their future hanging in the balance.
By Harold James - Aug 24,2020
PRINCETON — The European Council’s five-day meeting to hash out a 2021-2027 budget and a COVID-19 emergency spending package had all the hallmarks of Euro-summitry: long nighttime discussions; threats by some leaders to leave without an agreement; and a Franco-German push for a d
By Harold James - Mar 02,2020
PRINCETON — The outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, that began in Wuhan, China, may well turn into a global pandemic.
By Harold James - Feb 01,2020
PRINCETON — Goodbye, Britain. Brexit is done. It is over. Some Britons are waving Union Jacks, and public buildings are illuminated in red, white and blue.
By Harold James - Dec 29,2019
PRINCETON — We are at the end of a decade that has no name. The 2010s cannot really talk about itself, and this confusion is only partly born of semantics.



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