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Harold James
By Harold James - Apr 07,2024
BERLIN — Democracies tend to struggle with security challenges. That was the context that led W.H. Auden to call the 1930s a “low dishonest decade”, a description that seems to apply to our own.Now, as then, political posturing is easier than persuasion.
By Harold James - Feb 28,2024
BERLIN — Since global financial stability ought to be considered a public good, many international institutions devote themselves to establishing the conditions to sustain it.
By Harold James - Jan 31,2024
 BERLIN — Public opinion about the world today is oddly bifurcated.
By Harold James - Jan 03,2024
PRINCETON — The year 2023 ended on a sour, cheerless note, with looming elections in 2024 intensifying fears about the fate of democracy and the global order.
By Harold James - Sep 13,2023
PRINCETON — The rapid march of artificial intelligence is not only disrupting conventional notions of work. It is also changing the essence of human identity.
By Harold James - Aug 10,2023
PRINCETON — The historian Christopher Clark’s profound and illuminating new book, “Revolutionary Spring: Fighting for a New World, 1848-1849”, is a masterly demonstration of how remote historical periods can sometimes speak with urgency to the present.
By Harold James - Jul 23,2023
 WARSAW — Globalisation brings the world together through the movement of people, things, ideas, money and much else.
By Harold James - Jul 05,2023
 PRINCETON — Today’s inflationary surge calls for reevaluating the politics of public debt.
By Harold James - Jun 12,2023
PRINCETON — The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the mesmerising rise and fall of its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried, is only the most recent episode encapsulating the perils of financial innovation.
By Harold James - May 15,2023
PRINCETON — Capitalism relies on competition. In practice, however, this core principle is often violated, because ambitious capitalists will naturally seek to eliminate competition and secure a commanding market position from which they can keep new would-be competitors at bay.



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