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Hamza Alakaleek
By Hamza Alakaleek - Jul 10,2024
Jordan stands at a crossroads. Blessed with a young, tech-savvy population and a thriving IT sector, the country possesses the ingredients for a sustainable and prosperous future. However, a high youth unemployment rate casts a shadow on this potential.
By Hamza Alakaleek - Jun 14,2024
Jordan’s burgeoning tech scene stands at a crossroads. With the potential to become a pillar of a developed economy. Hence, the nation should navigate a critical path — fostering innovation while safeguarding user trust.
By Hamza Alakaleek - Jun 06,2024
The tech industry thrives on the relentless pursuit of innovation. However, this rapid progress can sometimes come at a cost. Security breaches fuelled by insider threats — both accidental and malicious — can shatter user trust and expose sensitive data.
By Hamza Alakaleek - May 24,2024
The tech industry, a vibrant jungle of innovation, is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. But amidst the rapid growth and groundbreaking ideas lurks a persistent threat which is insider threat.
By Hamza Alakaleek - May 08,2024
Regulating artificial intelligence (AI) is crucial for several reasons, primarily for ethical, safety and societal considerations.
By Hamza Alakaleek - Apr 23,2024
In the realm of fiscal policy, the imposition of income tax stands as a pillar of justice and financial prudence. Through this levy, governments enact wealth redistribution, bolster social justice and ensure an equitable burden-sharing for the greater good.


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