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Haider Al Majali
By Haider Al Majali - Apr 02,2024
The international financial Centre is a term that refers to an area that has advanced financial legislation and procedures and provides advanced infrastructure to facilitate global financial business.
By Haider Al Majali - Mar 13,2024
Investment banks play an important role in economic improvement by providing financing and financial resources to large and medium-sized companies and projects. They promote economic growth, create jobs, stimulate innovation in their communities.
By Haider Al Majali - Feb 18,2024
In a recent report, the World Bank has warned that the world may be heading towards an economic recession due to the disturbances and financial crises witnessed in the global markets, particularly in the economies of emerging markets and the continuation of the central banks in r
By Haider Al Majali - Feb 07,2024
 An advanced economy is one that can achieve strong and sustainable growth, adopting a policy of diversity in economic sectors and optimal utilisation of advanced technologies and innovations, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of technologies, financial technology (F
By Haider Al Majali - Jan 15,2024
In the first part, we examined the ethical and political costs on Israel, highlighting how the war has been a significant shock across various domains.
By Haider Al Majali - Jan 08,2024
The Gaza War has had multiple effects on both parties involved in the conflict.
By Haider Al Majali - Dec 17,2023
His Majesty King Abdullah recently emphasised the importance of cooperation between the public and private sectors to adapt to the economic conditions after the war in Gaza.


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