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Eric Posner
By Eric Posner - Nov 09,2021
CHICAGO — “The ugly American”, the title of a novel published in 1958 by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer, entered the language to refer to boorish American officials abroad who sought to improve the lives of natives without taking the trouble to learn their language, culture o
By Eric Posner - Oct 31,2021
CHICAGO — The US Supreme Court began its 2021 term amid a buzz of speculation that it has lost the public’s confidence.
By Eric Posner - Sep 06,2021
CHICAGO — US President Joe Biden’s speech defending the withdrawal from Afghanistan announced a decisive break with a tradition of foreign-policy idealism that began with Woodrow Wilson and reached its apex in the 1990s.
By Eric Posner - Aug 26,2021
CHICAGO — A recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal exposes the dark hole into which conservative economic thinking has sunk since the pinnacle of its influence in the 1980s. Economists Casey B. Mulligan and Tomas J.
By Eric Posner - Aug 16,2021
CHICAGO — US President Joe Biden’s new executive order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” is more significant for what it says than for what it does. In fact, the order doesn’t actually order anything.
By Eric Posner - Jun 19,2021
CHICAGO — With the prominent anti-monopoly advocate Lina Khan having been appointed the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission, it is a good time to consider what influence the so-called New Brandeisians will have on US antitrust law.
By Eric Posner - May 15,2021
CHICAGO — One of the striking contrasts between the Trump and Biden administrations is in the debate about whether the presidency has achieved more power than is consistent with the public good.
By Eric Posner - Mar 15,2021
CHICAGO — President Joe Biden is signalling that his administration will get tough on monopoly.
By Eric Posner - Feb 14,2021
CHICAGO  —  Former president Donald Trump’s trial in the United States Senate has begun, but already a great deal of confusion has arisen about fundamental questions. Trump’s lawyers argue that the Senate is not permitted to hold a trial at all.
By Eric Posner - Jan 16,2021
CHICAGO  —  On Friday, January 8, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced plans to impeach US President Donald Trump for the second time in a year, hoping to drive him from office before he does more damage to the country.



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